After not producing much of anything for… months, it seemed like a good idea to give NaPodPoMo a try. In an attempt to squash the overthinking part of my brain, I decided to record this one as simply as possible. Yes, the sound quality probably isn’t great. But, is it ever? The quality of the episode itself will be at least as good (?) as anything else I’ve published. So, one thing is consistent.

photo of an audio mixing console with the word "updating" over the console

Being dormant means things with microprocessors will require attention. My RØDECaster Pro was in need of a major firmware update since I last used it. I took to the search engine of the future to find out how to apply the update. I recorded that process for your listening enjoyment/torment.

Audio recorded using iMac built-in microphone. Edited/mastered in Reaper. Transcription coming someday (maybe, I hope).

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