Saving The Snark

Saving The Snark

Halfway thru Election Day 2020. I’ve been monitoring the social medias as much as I can stand to. While I have as many hot takes as everyone else, I’m holding back.

blue Pokémon Vaporeon plush toy wearing an American flag "I Voted" sticker

People are stressed out enough as it is. Adding to that just doesn’t seem like a very productive thing to do. Sure, I have my thoughts and opinions, and I will likely share them in time. Today, however, I’m saving the snark.

This is the seventh presidential election I’ve voted in. It seems like the current has been ratcheted up with each successive election. Not sure if elections have always been this way, or if social media has flipped the switch into the red. Peoples’ reactions to politics feels a lot more like sports these days, and that’s not necessarily good.

Recorded with built-in iMac mic. Edited/mastered in Reaper. Transcription to follow.

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