Today, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is available for preorder. Like many new shiny Apple things, I’m intrigued by this device. I’m not gonna rush on the preorder; it seems more practical to try the new phone out first. I asked Apple when that’d be possible and they said the Pro Max wouldn’t be in stores until a week from now (November 13th).

Apple logo with text "Max GAS" over the logo

Being interested in the new iPhone is just the beginning of my latest round of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). I’m also very interested in getting a new iPad Pro. My current iPad Pro works fine but it is five years old. Thanks to general clumsiness/inability to function as a human, there are a couple large cracks across the iPad’s screen. Those cracks aren’t impacting the iPad’s usability (yet).

As always, the biggest problem with any case of GAS is coming up with the money to take care of it. First world problems, I guess.

Recorded with iPhone XS Max built-in microphone. Edited/mastered with Reaper.

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