Before we moved into our home in 2006, we had decorative concrete flooring installed. We had to move in a bit faster than we’d initially expected, so we definitely cut some corners on the pre-move details. While the concrete floors looked great (and still do), we didn’t have the floors sealed, which has made their rough concrete surface difficult to clean.

colorful concrete floor with the word "fumed" across it in layered text

We’ve tried many different methods for cleaning these floors over the years. Most of them weren’t very effective. None of them were very efficient.

I got an Oreck commercial-grade floor cleaner towards the end of 2018. In order to clean our floors with the Oreck, we need to use a cleaning solution made by Simple Green. It’s a good cleaner but its lingering chemical aroma leaves me a bit dazed and fumed.

Recorded with iPhone XS Max built-in microphone. Edited/mastered with Reaper.

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