CoronaCast 3: COVID/COVIS

CoronaCast 3: COVID/COVIS

Originally recorded on April 3rd, when this whole pandemic thing was still somewhat new (but definitely no less surreal).

Anxiety is not new to me but I can usually pin its cause on something. It’s certainly easy enough to blame any sense of uneasiness on the current state of the world, but I’ve still been dealing with a generalized “free floating” anxiety at times.

bus safety sign advising passengers to not use certain seats

I’ve gone outside of the house as little as possible since shelter-at-home orders were given. While my introverted (and increasingly lazy) nature is fine to have an excuse to stay in, going out is sometimes unavoidable.

As a non-driving human, I often rely on public transit to get around. The local bus system is adapting to COVID-19 in some interesting ways, including the use of “don’t-sit-here” signs placed on certain seats, and allowing everyone to ride without having to pay a fare.

I gathered up some audio clips from these recent corona-centric news items:

We’ve been fortunate that the ongoing economic meltdown hasn’t hit us (yet). Leading in to the rise of the ‘rona, I’d been feeling particularly good about our finances in ways I hadn’t in a long time, and wondering what event would come along to change all that. I wasn’t expecting the universe to answer my question in such a bombastic way.

Hear about the above topics and more by activating the play button below. Recorded with ModMic 5 thru RØDECaster Pro. Edited/mastered in Reaper. Transcription coming soon.

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