CoronaCast 2: Furloughed!

CoronaCast 2: Furloughed!

Mike joined me for a discussion about his experience being furloughed as a result of novel coronavirus COVID-19. This audio was recorded two days ago.

text "furloughed!" over an image of corn on the cob

Mike lives in the CornRona Belt, better known as Indiana. He’s been working for a number of years at a food court-corporate concept-travel plaza. As the new COVID-19 reality came into play, Mike’s employer had to cut back on services and furloughed most employees as a result.

We talked about Mike’s decision to file for unemployment benefits, what he’ll be doing with his time at home, e-learning school for kids, television apps, and more!

Click the play button below to listen to this podcast episode. Recorded using ModMic 5 (Shawn) and FaceTime Audio (Mike) thru RØDECaster Pro. Edited/mastered in Reaper. Transcription coming soon.

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