CoronaCast 1: Sheltering-at-Home

CoronaCast 1: Sheltering-at-Home

Jen joined me to have a conversation about novel coronavirus COVID-19. The audio was recorded two days ago, during our first full day of shelter-at-home, as ordered by the state of California.

We shared what we know about where COVID-19 might’ve come from. (Virus reservoirs!)

sign that reads "social distancing six feet"

We covered the current shelter-at-home order and why that’s important. (Don’t go out, get infected, and infect people you live with!)

I gave some observations on what I experienced at some local stores and a local restaurant just as the shelter-at-home orders were going into effect. (No paper products! No, you can’t dine in!)
And more! (Bonus audio at the end for nerds.) Recorded with ModMic 5 (Shawn) and ElectroVoice RE20 (Jen) thru RØDECaster Pro. Edited/mastered in Reaper.

Click play below to hear the full conversation. Transcription coming soon.

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