Channel One

Channel One

I’ve heard NaPodPoMo is a good time for podcast experiments. I’m taking that idea to heart. Earlier this week, I fired up my RØDECaster Pro for the first time in ages to upgrade its firmware. I also wiped all of its settings to the factory defaults. That means starting over from scratch.

closeup of RØDECaster Pro screen showing audio levels

For years, I’ve used microphones on boom arms but decided last year to try something simpler. I bought a ModMic 5 and attached it to my trusty AKG headphones, hoping the ModMic could be my regular-use microphone. I figured I’d give it another go with the upgraded RØDECaster Pro firmware, assuming I could access the new granular audio controls I thought were supposed to be there?

Warning: The audio contained in this episode is definitely raw in some places. Listen at your own peril!

Recorded with Antlion ModMic 5 thru RØDECaster Pro. Edited/mastered in Reaper.

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