Anxiety Day

Anxiety Day

Jen joins me for NaPodPoMo day two. Jen is very empathic, Force sensitive (still honing her Force-wielding skills), allegedly not a Betazoid (yes, I said “Betazed” in the recording; I will never live it down), and is feeling the country’s anxiety the night before Election Day 2020.

date of November 2nd at the top with a solid line underneath followed by the words "anxiety day" in large type

I asked Jen a series of mostly random questions (she said they reminded her of last-minute homework). For some reason, we talked about different social networks/apps like Instagram, Twitter (RIP, Vine), and TikTok (spoiler alert: neither of us uses TikTok, we are old). I also explained how I had a different first idea for today’s episode, but I ran out of energy for it, so this happened instead.

Recorded on 2015 12.9″ iPad Pro. Edited/mastered with Reaper. (Still hoping for transcripts, some day.)

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