300 List

300 List

A few months back, a friend introduced me to a Steve Harvey “motivational” video. Harvey’s over-the-top references to god and vision boards are a bit much for my cynical outlook. But I do appreciate actionable ideas. And Harvey has one of those.

There’s probably a better name for it, but I’m calling it the 300 List. Harvey claims that making a list of 300 things he wanted out of life helped him to succeed. He’s also found that many other successful people he’s met have similar lists.

I began writing my own list. It’s currently stuck at 97 items. I won’t be posting the whole list online. But I will be writing about some things as I check them off, starting with this very blog post. Item 63 on my list is “Start new blog,” and while this is probably my third go-round with shawn.mx, I didn’t carry over any old posts, so I’m counting it as new.

In his video, Harvey focuses a lot on material gains as examples for a 300 List. I get that. When you’re first starting a list like this, it’s easier to conjure up things you want instead of deeper, potentially more abstract goals. I’m not immune to that. One item on my list is “Get green iPhone,” because I do like the new Midnight Green iPhone. My current phone is barely over a year old, so this pursuit is not a priority. But it’s worth putting on the list because an exercise like this starts with a brain drain; just get the stuff on to paper (or in my case, a Notability note).

One strategy I’m using is to break larger items up into their collective parts. I’d like to see all of the remaining original California Missions. Instead of leaving that as a single item which could take years to complete, items 39 thru 50 on my list are devoted to visiting the Missions individually.

I usually find these types of exercises to be contrived fluff designed for the self-help crowd. I’ve been struggling in most areas of my life lately. I’m just going to give this 300 List thing a try and let go of the outcome. If nothing else, it can be satisfying to draw green check marks next to things.

Now I have to go find 203 more things to put on my list.

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    1. Haven’t even thought about the list since the beginning of the pandemic. 🤷‍♂️ Will write more about it if I ever get anything else on the list done.

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