15 Years of Podcasting

15 Years of Podcasting

This month marks my 15th anniversary in podcasting. It’s not a terribly exciting story but one that I think is worth recounting.

Summer 2004 I’d created my first “real” website with a domain name. I had this idea to record “radio shows” and post them on that site. Maybe people would find them?

number 15 over a screenshot of an audio waveform

I had a cup of coffee in commercial radio in the 90’s, and I had a background in home recording thru years of making my own music. In late 2004, I learned about podcasting thru a Yahoo! Group devoted to Chicago radio personality Nick Digilio. I knew I had the ingredients already to produce my own podcast. Well, most of the ingredients, anyway.

Recorded with the built-in mic of an iPhone XS Max. Edited/mastered in Reaper.

Click play below to hear the full story. Transcription available here (PDF).

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