This Week’s Work #5: Busted Chair Edition

My broken desk chair.

A couple days ago, the pneumatic tube in my desk chair went out. The tube controls the adjustable height of the chair’s seat. Anytime I try to raise the seat up to a comfortable level, it eventually just sinks back down to the lowest level. Fortunately, the chair is covered under an extended warranty I purchased thru Staples. (I’ve owned several chairs over the last five years and I’ve bought extended warranties for all of them. None of the chairs have ever outlived their warranties.) I filed a claim for the failing chair and I’m supposed to be receiving a gift card for the full price I originally paid. I hope the gift card gets here soon as the chair is really uncomfortable to sit on. The pillow I’ve added for extra support doesn’t do much to help, either. Hence, I’m gonna keep this blog on the short side.

Here’s some things I worked on this week:

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February 2, 2014

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  1. I’m no expert in chairs but as far as chairs go that looks like a bloody nice one…well from a distance anyway.

    • Shawn said:

      The chair’s fine but it probably looks fancier than it is. It only cost around $100 so there’s definitely nicer/more expensive chairs out there.

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