Linked: Make Sure Your Podcast Is Ready For iOS 8

Active hyperlink of the word "Linked"Apple will be releasing iOS 8 tomorrow and the newest version of this mobile operating system will come pre-bundled with Apple’s Podcasts app. It’s likely that many people will find the app for the first time and thus, subscribe to podcasts for the first time. So I posted some tips to Podcaster News to help ensure podcasters are prepared for what could be a rush of new listeners.

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Linked: Voicemeeter Is A Powerful Software Mixer For Windows

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I don’t use Windows so I have no firsthand experience with this app. But Voicemeeter looks like a cool piece of kit for this who are doing any kind of audio production on that platform. I wrote about Voicemeeter for Podcaster News.

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Linked: Mixlr Releases Beta App For Android, IOS Update

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I’ve used the live-audio streaming service Mixlr before. I’ve only used it on the desktop, tho. Regardless, they’ve now released a mobile app for Android, as well as an updated app for iOS. I wrote about it for Podcaster News.

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