This Week’s Work #9: Catchup Edition


It’s been well over a month since i’ve posted one of these updates. It’s not because I haven’t been working on anything. It’s just because I’ve been busy. With stuff.

I’m still actively looking for a job. I’m also doing the footwork to start my own business. Along with that, I’ve filed for unemployment benefits and I’ve started contributing to a new podcasting-centric website.

Oh, and I’ve been doing some audio production work on a volunteer basis at my local NPR station. I plan on writing more about that in the future.

Here’s what I’ve worked on since the last update:

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48 Hours to Go

48 hrs

I received an e-mail today stating that my crowd funding campaign has 48 hours left before it expires. I set the campaign to run for 30 days, which means it’s been almost a month since I’ve posted any updates. I’d love to tell you that I’d found a job since the last post. But I’m still looking for work. In fact, my work prospects seem even more up-in-the-air than they did when I first launched the campaign.

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This Week’s Work #8: Crowdtilt Edition

Screenshot of a YouTube thumbnail image.

My time of being without a regular job is growing somewhat long in the tooth. It’s been almost 10 weeks now and my financial resources are being stretched to the limit. In response to that, I’ve launched the “washed out and jobless” crowd funding campaign via Crowdtilt. I’d appreciate your consideration for my campaign. Of course, monetary contributions are great. But if you can’t contribute that way, just sharing a link to the campaign on your social networks helps a lot.

I made a video that explains more about my situation and the campaign and I’ll embed it at the bottom of the post. (The video can also be seen at the Crowdtilt page linked above.) Here’s a list of some things I’ve worked on lately:


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