Linked: Podcasting Plugin PowerPress 6.0 Is Here

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PowerPress, the world’s best podcasting plugin for WordPress has been updated to version 6.0. I wrote about it for Podcaster News.

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Linked: Joyride Is An Audio Discovery App With Built-In Crowdfunding Support

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Crowdfunding. It’s the wave of the future. And apparently, a big deal in podcasting these days. Joyride is the latest player in this field. I wrote about it for Podcaster News.

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This Week’s Work #19 – Morris Edition

Morris the cockatiel

Last month, one of our older cockatiels passed away. Her name was Max, and she lived to the age of 22, which is a remarkably long life for a cockatiel. The sadness of Max’s passing was felt by all. But one of our other birds, Morris, took it harder than the rest. Morris had developed a strong bond with Max. It was mostly a one-way connection, as Max really just tolerated Morris more than anything else. But it was enough for Morris to find some calm for his naturally high-strung personality. In the days following Max’s death, Morris was unconsolable. He would call out for Max at the top of his lungs, waiting for her to answer. This went on for a couple weeks and I wondered if it would ever end.

I’m glad to say now, about a month on, that he’s really bounced back. In some ways, he almost seems more relaxed than when Max was still here. He’s been much more adventurous and confident in moving around the house (during the controlled periods of time when we let the birds out of their cage) and his high-pitched calls have morphed into tuneful singing. It’s an impressive turnaround and proof that when traumatic things happen, happiness can return.

Here’s what I’ve worked on since the last update:


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