Linked: Voicemeeter Is A Powerful Software Mixer For Windows

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I don’t use Windows so I have no firsthand experience with this app. But Voicemeeter looks like a cool piece of kit for this who are doing any kind of audio production on that platform. I wrote about Voicemeeter for Podcaster News.

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Linked: Mixlr Releases Beta App For Android, IOS Update

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I’ve used the live-audio streaming service Mixlr before. I’ve only used it on the desktop, tho. Regardless, they’ve now released a mobile app for Android, as well as an updated app for iOS. I wrote about it for Podcaster News.

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This Week’s Work #17 – Day One Edition

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Earlier this year, I picked up anĀ app called Day One. The app has both Mac and iOS versions, and I use it on both platforms. Day One’s purpose is pretty straightforward. You use it to create journal entries, much in the same way you’d use a paper notebook. And unlike a typical blogging platform, Day One keeps your entries private unless you specifically want to publish them to the web. I haven’t used it yet to publish anything, and I probably won’t. But I am liking it as a personal journal. I’ve used it mostly as a way to empty my head of whatever’s holding me back in the moment. It helps me to clarify the next step to take in certain situations.

I’m sure you could replicate what Day One does with other apps or systems. But I’m enjoying the simple nature of journaling with Day One and will be using it more going forward. This is what I’ve worked on since the last update:


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