Wither, humidity

train tracks and street lights

The air these days in San Luis Obispo is a bit thicker than usual thanks to some monsoon moisture crawling up the coast. It’s humid and that’s unusual for these parts.

I grew up in Illinois and this kinda thing is pretty normal out there. All summer long, you could expect your clothes to be stuck to you and you’d be grateful for the sweet relief of an air-conditioned enclosure.

We reach this level of humidity so rarely here that when it happens, a flood of sense memories come rushing back. I was out for a walk earlier in the evening, and the air was slightly more energized. Heavier for sure but also clearer. Street lights popped and glowing in the wet air.


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This Week’s Work #13 – Hyper Nonsense Edition

Hyper Nonsense logoThis week, Jen and I relaunched a podcast that we originally did from 2006-2009. The show is called Hyper Nonsense. It’s a talk-show style format and I think the description I typed up for iTunes is an accurate representation of why we decided to bring Hyper Nonsense back:

Hosted by husband and wife team Shawn and Jen Thorpe, Hyper Nonsense is a (sorta) weekly look at life and its relative absurdity. Hyper Nonsense first happened in 2006 and ran until 2009. After a five-year break, the show is back and ready to teach these kids a thing or two about how podcasting was done back in the days before phrenetic entrepreneurs and C-list celebrities even dreamed of buying a microphone. We call it Podcasting 1.0. We hope you’ll call it at least mildly enjoyable.


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This Week’s Work #12 – Too Much To Do Edition

Todoist Logo

I wonder sometimes if I’m successfully segueing into self-employment. That’s really a not-so clever way to say that, in spite of being unemployed, I’ve been busy. I begin every day by looking at Todoist and seeing what’s there. ┬áThe app helps me to focus on certain tasks so I know what to make a priority. But this system isn’t perfect, as each day brings new tasks that need to be completed, and that triggers a reevaluation of what’s already there.

Of course, stuff that pays and/or is time sensitive gets priority over other things. But sometimes those other things are important, too. For example, I’ve got several podcasts I’d like to get off the ground. One of them in particular I’d like to start next month. I’ve got some of the prelaunch stuff in place. But there’s still much left to be done and the end of May is drawing near. I think I’m gonna focus as much time and energy as possible today on working on that.


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