Linked: Speaker Requirements for NMX 2015 Announced

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Requirements for presenters for next year’s New Media Expo have been announced. I wrote about it for Podcaster News.

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This Week’s Work #18 – Still Unemployed Edition

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10.5 months into 2014 and it’s still proving to be a weird, if not interesting, year. After applying for unemployment benefits back in March, my claim was eventually approved towards the end of April. Since then, I’ve picked up a little bit of freelance work here and there. I’ve also taken some of the preliminary steps in starting my own business. And those are all good things.

I’ve also kept up with local job listings, just in case anything should stand out. But I probably haven’t been as aggressive about actually applying for jobs as I could be. Still, my unemployment benefits are good thru March of 2015, right?. So I thought. I received a letter last week from the California Employment Development Department telling me that my unemployment benefits had run out and that there are no extensions available. I was pretty surprised, and I’m not sure if I just misunderstood the nature of how these claims work, or if it wasn’t really spelled out that my claim was only good for six months, despite being told my claim is good until March of next year. The letter also said I could apply for benefits again, but there’s no guarantee that my new claim will be approved. Of course, I have filed a new claim, so we’ll see what happens.

And speaking of that freelance work, here’s what I’ve accomplished since the last update:


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Linked: Blubrry Asks All Users To Reset Their Passwords

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Podcasting services company Blubrry was hacked and as a result, they’ve asked all of their users to reset their passwords. I wrote an article about it for Podcaster News.

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